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Power Continuity Systems is the trading name of Power Continuity Ltd.

With over 25 years experience in design, build and installation of automatic power protection systems across the UK, Ireland and Europe, we power protect some of the most well known companies in the UK.

Our customers range from multinational and national corporations to smaller companies in a single location. Organisations in both the private and public sector, ranging local councils to major banks and hospitals, all depend on power protection systems designed, built and installed by Power Continuity Systems.

Every day our power protection systems protect the mission critical operations of major financial institutions that are handling billions of Sterling worth of transactions securely and reliably every minute of every hour of every day.

Company Details

Power Continuity Limited – Company Registered Office Address
Number One Pride Place,Pride Park,Derby DE24 8QR

Power Continuity Limited –
UK Company registration number 

Power Continuity Limited –
UK VAT registration number 

Power Continuity Bankers –
HSBC 13 Market Street, Castle Donington, DE74 2JD – Account Name – Power Continuity Ltd.

Power Continuity Limited –
Legal team  Geldards LLP, Number One Pride Place, Pride Park, Derby,DE24 8QR

Power Continuity Limited –
Contact Numbers   
0845 055 8455

PowerContinuity, Power Continuity and the Power Continuity logo are registered trademarks.

Who to contact by email?

PowerContinuity Limited – Accounts
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – Sales
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – Marketing
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – Contract Operations
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – Maintenance
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – Procurement
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – IT
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – Technical
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – Fleet Management
[email protected]
PowerContinuity Limited – New Products and Services
[email protected]

We’re here to protect and serve.

Power Protection for Absolute Business Continuity Systems

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