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Acoustic Generator Containers and Attenuation- How we build them

Acoustic Diesel Generator Containers reduce the noise impact on the local ambient sound level.
We build each acoustic container or acoustic canopy to suit the bespoke requirements of the intended location.
Therefore specialised parts go into these Acoustic generator containers to achieve the required sound levels limits :-
These include, custom made silencers, air inlets, outlet, fans , plenums, bespoke insulation with vibrate control, bafflers etc.
Sound Proof Acoustic Containers for all sensitive locations.
All built by PowerContinuity to reduce the noise levels of diesel generators to exact acoustic parameters.

Acoustic Generator Containers and Attenuation- Design

Whether your generator is requiring an acoustic canopy or an acoustic container, we follow the same principal; design for the final sound requirement .
First, we take sheet metal, then we design & manufacture a welded rigid frame.
Second, we take the precise dimensions, corresponding to the open-set generator then we position its own bespoke container.
Third, we install sound specific ,bespoke insulation with vibrate control, bafflers etc. before include a fuel tank and add lockable doors.
Equally important, we add further silencers at the same time as roof mounted exhausts. PowerContinuity installed Engineered solutions.
As a matter of fact, a  byproduct of this additional sound proof installation is, that each containerised standby generator comes with all weather protection.

What’s the difference between acoustic canopy and acoustic container?

Acoustic canopy encloses the generator for sound and weather protection but doesn’t allow an engineer physical access to stand inside.
The engineer opens the access doors on the sides of the canopy to service and maintain the generator, whilst standing outside.
Service engineers carry out maintenance from the outside.
Diesel Generators from 100kVA up to 500kVA are mostly manufactured within acoustic canopies.

Acoustic container encloses the generator for both sound proof and weather protection.
Furthermore, allows the generator engineer to ‘walk inside’.
By the same token, maintenance engineers can service the generator shielded  from the elements.
Diesel Generators from 300kVA up to 3000kVA are mostly manufactured within acoustic containers.

Acoustic Sound level- Requirement

Depending where your generator is situated, the EU norm of 80dBA @ 1 metre .
Correspondingly, this may well be perfectly acceptable.
Should your site require a more robust approach to noise control ?
Power  Continuity engineers can build an acoustic container to very low sound levels of 55dbA @ 1 metre or lower sound proof.

How do PowerContinuity Systems build an acoustic generator container?

This is how we build an acoustic container, beginning with the sheet metal.

Need a Acoustic Generator Container quotation or just advice on Noise Control?
No problem, just call Power Continuity  on:-
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