Why IS Britain about to pay £110billion to enter a new dark age?

Why IS Britain about to pay £110billion to enter a new dark age?

A damning indictment of the new ‘Green-friendly’ Energy Bill-

Why IS Britain about to pay £110billion to enter a new dark age?

The stupidest international agreement since the Treaty of Versailles expired at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Fifteen years after its launch, the Kyoto Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change died a miserable failure. Few are likely to mourn.

According to Kyoto’s authors, it should be now have triggered a five percent fall in the worlds’ carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, they have risen by 58 percent because the world’s faster-growing economies never ratified Kyoto at all, nor the drastic cuts in the use of fossil fuel it prescribed.

China, America, Brazil and India simply ignored it, while Canada, New Zealand and Russia, although initially committed, later cast it aside.

In Britain, however, the Government remains wedded to a post-Kyoto strategy, and along with the rest of the EU has agreed to ‘extend’ the treaty’s provisions. One consequence of this is the new Energy Bill, which by 2020 will triple the subsidies paid by taxpayers and consumers to ‘renewable’ energy suppliers to £7.6 billion a year.

Article taken from The Mail on Sunday 2013

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