Business Continuity

Business Continuity requires planning and careful forethought to allow your business to operate at 100% operational status regardless of outside forces.

Business Continuity primarily requires an arms length approach to your company to view what makes the company function, where and how?

To have real business continuity you first need a strategy and plan carefully reviewing the following areas in minute detail:-

Power Failure – Is your main comms environment power protection with power continuity systems embracing both a robust UPS system and a standby emergency generator?

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Head Office and Key Hubs –

  • Do any of these already have the above mentioned areas with reliable power protection?
  • Are these power systems checked and maintained?
  • Do you have a regular mains fail test; turning off the main incomer without warning
  • to see which and where the systems hold up and which are not correctly power protected?

Remote sites –

  • Can you operate your business from a remote site and is it power protected itself
  • to be able to run indefinitely in the event of a catastrophic event occurring at your main control site?

Payroll –

  • Business Continuity covers more than just Power. It also includes the ability to pay your employees,
  • collect daily orders and
  • dispatch goods as well as maintaining productivity.

The bottom line is your financial bottom line- Profit Business Continuity planning will make the difference between making a loss and making a profit.
Think of it like this-

Let’s say you have 100 personnel all earning £20 per hour and they can’t function for 5 hours. That’s a cost to your company of £2,000 per hour. And If you cannot process or deliver any orders that day, the cost can be £50,000 per hour.

Then you were not able to handle key customer accounts due to the inconvenience and unbeknown to you one of the key accounts was so frustrated they have planned to end their contract next year – Cost to your company £500,000 +

Power Continuity and Business Continuity work hand in hand.

  • They are not a flamboyant optional extra to a business; they are your life blood.
  • They are what people don’t see and yet allow you to be 100% functionally operational in the event of a disastrous turn of events should you have to leave your present building or area for a day or days.
  • It could never happen to you?
  • We have never had a power outage?
  • No one ever digs up our area?
  • We don’t have vandals in our Town.
  • The national grid is always there 24-7.
  • Electricity in the sockets; gas in the pipes shortages don’t happen in the UK.

OK think of this scenario-

A member of staff arrives back from holiday and is suspected of having contracted a deadly infectious disease. The local health authority arrive unannounced to seal off your building and carry out a forced evacuation, which will last as long as they feel necessary.  What business continuity strategy do you have in place today to cope with this?


A major fire breaks out in a neighboring building; the fire service find toxic matter and seal off the surrounding area for three days while they clear up. You therefore have no access to your head office during that time.

  • In both cases business continuity planning would have facilitated a smooth relocation to PLAN B operational status.
  • In this modern world of fast changing events no one can predict tomorrow, but we can all prepare and be actively ready for most issues. Protect and survive.
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Power Continuity Systems – your Business Continuity partner.
Continuous Power  involves uninterruptible power supplies combined with diesel generator emergency power backup systems, which operate at any time to provide Active Power Systems , that you control. Be in control of your future, no longer vulnerable to random external power  issues.
Business Continuity Strategy – Power Protection
that works for Power Continuity Systems

Power Continuity Means Business Continuity

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