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Power Continuity supplies multiple sized canopied generators. Purpose built acoustic canopies to cater for all your diesel generator sizes and sound attenuating performance.

Diesel generators between 200kVA and 450kVA are generally contained within a 5-6 metre (16-20 foot) acoustic canopy providing sound levels between 65 and 80 dBA at a distance of one metre.

For an indication of sound performance, a standard 80 dBA canopied generator would resemble the sound level of a sprinter van on tick over  and 60 to 70 dBA being the level of a normal conversation at a distance of 3 to 5 feet.

Our acoustic canopies are purpose-designed to achieve the specified sound performance using a range of sound attenuating insulating materials and silencers on the exhaust system of the generator unit.

For more information on how bespoke acoustic canopies are built, click here.

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