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Concrete Plinths for generators, transformers, sub stations constructed by the PowerContinuity Civil works team. Any external diesel generator must have level hard standing and we can complete this as part of the installation. All our concrete plinths are reinforced and come with ducting and earthing pits, built into the plinth. Should you wish to increase the security of your power protection solution then we can install perimeter fencing.
Installation of paladin fencing or palisade fencing can be carried at the same time as part of the complete installation of your automatic power protection, transformers or sub stations.

Your choice of fencing we offer includes:-

  • Paladin Fencing
  • Palisade Fencing
  • Hit and Miss Wooden fencing
  • Wooden louvre fencing
  • Brick wall

Need a Concrete Plinth or security fencing ?
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