Containerised Data Centres

Modular containerised data centre solutions are a portable method of deploying data centre capacity quickly and efficiently. Containerised Data Centres for Rapid Deployment and installation, no need to wait for months.

Containerised DATA Centres can be one of our pre-built data centre ISO shipping container type sized units or one of our bespoke 3 metre wide purpose built for your site specification requirements units.
The Smart Alternative to a Brick-and-Mortar Data Centre is a containerised DATA centre.

Our Data Centres are containerised to allow temporary and semi permanent, faster Installation with flexibility.
Perhaps you’re only leasing the building for 2/3 years or have the requirement for rapid short term expansion, either way; our containerised DATA centres are for you.

Need to expand in the future?  No Problem with our scalable modular units.

Our Mobile Data Centre environments can operate anywhere and anytime, with or without mains power. Fully equipped IT DATA centres, UPS, generator power, air conditioning, Server cabinets etc. for 24-7 operation. Why wait for bricks and mortar?

Need a Containerised Data centre quotation or just advice?No problem, just call us on:- 0845 055 8455 our friendly engineers are here to help. 

Containerised DATA Centres for Temporary and semi permanent install – PowerContinuity

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