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600kVA containerised generatorsContainerised Generators for any location.

Diesel Generator Acoustic Containers from 100 kVA to 3000kVA – Noise Control

Each manufactured containerised generator is acoustically lined to achieve the external sound levels required at your site.

We build each container from scratch with special louvres for free flow ventilation, which reduce the external sound levels and maintain the optimum diesel engine efficiency.

We accomplish maximum Sounding proofing  by lining the  container with extra thick insulation to absorb the noise emitted from the operational diesel generator engine. We even  sound proof the floor containerised generators-7of  the generator container to ensure the best lowest sound levels

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Power Protection for Absolute Business Continuity Systems – Containerised Generators

Care for your power protection system with a generator maintenance program
and then expect your investment to last over 30 years of faithful service.

The most common level of sound proofing for generators is the E.U. standard of 80dbA @ 1 metre in open field conditions. This is by far the majority of all acoustic diesel generator containers manufactured and installed in the last 10 years. Here at PowerContinuity we can build containerised diesel generators to the lowest sound levels in the UK.

Each containerised generator system comes with:-

  • Internal emergency lighting
  • Internal heating system
  • Fire Stop with external alarms
  • Bunded floor and Bunded Fuel tank
  • Two entry doors for access and safety
  • PLUS whatever you would like this specialised system to have as additional. Your Choice – We build

We carry many containerised diesel generators  available from stock:-

With sound proofing by means of the acoustic lined container that is both lockable and weather proof – these are usually installedcontainerised_generators_8 outside a building in a car park or outside the intake room. Containerised generators are usually larger generators above 500kVA and upward, and are 80dbA @ 1 metres noise level.

We can make these even more silent. How silent do you need?

Bespoke custom built generators 

We can custom build in accordance to whatever sound levels are  required. Below are a choice of sound levels available:-

Silent Specification to have 75dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions

Super Silent Specification to have 70dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions

Extreme Silent Specification to have 65dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions

Whisper Silent Specification to have 60dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field

Super Silent Whisper Specification to have 55 dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field

Maybe a containerised solution is not the answer. You would prefer we build the generator INSIDE the building – No Problem.

PowerContinuity can build custom-made sound attenuation into an existing building or on a roof  location– More information on How PowerContinuity builds sound attenuation into existing buildings.

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