Containerised Generators – 300kVA to 600kVA

//Containerised Generators – 300kVA to 600kVA
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300kVA to 600kVA Containerised Generators ‘walk in’ Purpose built by PowerContinuity with sound attenuating performance, built-in fuel tanks, automatic start, fully weather protected and secure.

Containerised Generators are each, ‘purpose built’ to achieve the specified optimum sound attenuation using a range of sound attenuating insulating materials and bespoke silencers.

PowerContinuity build containerised diesel generators for standby emergency power either within ISO containers or bespoke steel or GRP containers, with noise dBA sound levels from 80dBA @ 1 metre down to as little as 50dBA @ 1 metre

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300kVA to 600kVAContainerised Generators can include:

  • Weather Proof insulation container for European, Arctic, Desert or Marine conditions
  • Double skinned skid mounted base fuel tank (can be installed in combination with external fuel tanks up to 40,000 litres)
  • Latest auto and manual control panels
  • Continuous running or standby emergency power systems
  • Remote Start or manual start
  • Custom Built AMF (Auto Mains Transfer Panels)
  • Generator information integrated into your BMS (Building Management System)
  • Stand alone
  • Can be Synchronised with another generator
  • Can be Synchronised with the Grid (G59)
  • Low Noise levels
  • Extended exhausts
  • Remote radiators
  • ‘Walk inside’ capability for service and maintenance
  • Load bank connection points
  • Fuel fill cabinet

Should space be an issue please remember that the quieter the containerised generator the larger the overall dimensions of the containerised generator, especially the length, which can be extended by up to 5 metres extra.

All built, positioned, installed at your UK location by PowerContinuity Systems

For more information on How bespoke containerised generators are built

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