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Containerised UPS solutions to provide emergency, temporary seamless power to your site.

Our containerised UPS systems are designed and built by Power Continuity to allow for ease of positioning at site and installation when there is no space inside the building for critical power protection.

All our containerised UPS systems are self-contained with their own Air Con systems, Bypass switches, internal LV switchgear, breakers & remote monitoring.

Better still, we can offer N+1 resilience, for seriously critical operations such as Data Centres, in time manufacturing, governmental departments & the financial section.

PowerContinuity UPS containers are bespoke built and are available as :-

50kVA N+1

100kVA N+1

300kVA N+1

500kVA N+1

1000kVA N+1

1500kVA N+1

Each Containerised UPS comes with autonomy, just specify your requirement, and we’ll build it

We build here in the UK & Install anywhere across the UK MAINLAND

All our UPS containers are weatherproof, ‘walk inside’ and perfect for both long term and short term power protection projects.

Each UPS system arrives to site on a low loader and dependent on which unit you require, they can be positioned by HIAB or Crane and then installed to power protect your site with minimal disruption. Final Connections can be completed out of hours or at weekend or through the night.

Better still, only Power Continuity can also provide containerised generators to back up our containerised UPS systems to provide truly 24/7 NO BREAK power protection, all fully containerised, bespoke built to allow easy  re-location at any time. No building required as all our systems are external & weatherproof , built to last.

Power Continuity also offers N+1 UPS hire , either built inside your Comms Environment or containerised externally.

All our Containerised UPS systems can be installed on Long Term Contracts allowing your CAPEX to be used on other projects.

For more Containerised UPS Solutions

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