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Continuous Power – Uninterruptible

Continuous power is a necessity for mission critical equipment. Supplying unbroken electrical input allowing a sustained level of operation when the power grid has failed.

Constant power control will prevent momentary overloads or brown outs, preventing mechanical damage. Power Continuity installed.

Maximum contingency power 

Maximum contingency power is essential for all computer networks and production plants ensuring complete power continuity around the clock. For example, applications include Data Centres, High Value Manufacturing, Global Financial operations, Hospitals etc.

Power Continuity design, install and maintain fully automatic NO Break Power Resilient continuous power systems.

Absolutely, ensuring our critical applications  keep operational when the Grid supply trips, splutters or fails.

Emergency Power

Momentary overloads, cause high temperatures and mechanical failure. Within Robotic environments this  is not acceptable even during emergency situations. On the other hand, prevention is better than cure. In as much as, by installed continuous power we’re providing a sustainable level of operation.

Uninterruptible Power Systems ( UPS) combined with Standby Diesel Generators is the optimum emergency power solution.

Power Continuity

Our engineering teams completely design, supply, install ‘state of the art’ Power Protection 24-7 systems across the UK .

Equally important is maintenance.
UPS Systems and Diesel Generators must have a regular service regime in place. Therefore OFF load testing and ON load testing included.

Continuous Power – Design and Build

As a matter of fact, our individually designed installations can be viewed as 3D model’s to ensure the most cost effective use of space. Each Power Continuity design is unique to your requirements. Bespoke fully automatic power protection systems Need continuous power 24/7? Then you need Power Continuity

Continuous Power  = Power Continuity Ltd.

Let’s get together and design your system
Our engineers, are here to help
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