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Cummins Power Generation is one of the world’s most well known and trusted commercial power systems – from standby/emergency systems to multi-megawatt utility peaking facilities to sophisticated cogeneration applications. Cummins is the only power system supplier to manufacture all the components in a power system – the engines, alternators, transfer switches, switchgear and controls.

Generator products include:

  • Generator sets powered by diesel engines range from 7 kW to 2.7 MW
  • Spark-ignited natural gas/propane engine generators range from 7 kW to 150 kW
  • Lean-burn gas engine generators range from 315 kW to 2 MW
From simple generator sets to complete turn-key on-site power stations, Cummins Power Generation not only provides power system components but the expertise to deliver complete power solutions from up to 100 MW. From system design to project management to long-term power system maintenance and service, only Cummins Power Generation has the expertise and worldwide distributor network to offer truly complete power solutions.
Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (USA) Cummins serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 500 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 5,200 dealer locations.

Cummins Diesel Generator Range

Power Rating (kVA)           
Model Standby Prime
x1_3 X1.3 8-11 8-10
X2_5 X2.5 17-28 15-25
x3_3 X3.3 33-38 30-35
4B3-9-lg 4B3.9 42 38
S3-8 S3.8 44-66 40-60
4BT3-3-lg 4BT3.3 44-55 40-50
4BTA3-9-lg 4BTA3.9 55-80 50-73
4BT3-9 4BT3.9 70 64
6BT5-9-lg 6BT5.9 100-110 91-100
6BTA5-9-lg 6BTA5.9 90-150 82-136
6CTAA8-3-lg 6BTAA5.9 138 125
6CTA8-3-lg 6CTA8.3 175-200 160-182
QSB7-lg QSB7 165-250 150-225
6CTAA8-3-lg_0 6CTAA8.3 220-250 200-227
NTA855 NT855 275-350 250-320
QSL9-lg QSL9 275-330 250-300
NTA855-lg NTA855 313-440 275-400
QSX15-lg QSX15 400-550 364-500
NTAA855 NTAA855 440 400
KTA19 KTAA19 631-688 575-625
VTA28-lg VTA28 706-825 640-750
QSK23-lg QSK23 825-900 750-820
QST30-lg QST30 1041-1110 939-1000
KTA38 KTA38 1000-1250 900-1125
QSK50-lg QSK50 1400-1825 1025-1650
KTA50-lg KTA50 1400-1675 1250-1500
QSK60-lg QSK60 1760-2500 1600-2250
QSK78-lg_0 QSK78 2750-3000 2500-2750
QSK95 QSK95 3500-3750 3125-3350

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