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Dartford In The Dark


Up to 100,000 properties on the London and Kent border suffered power failure following a fire on a cable bridge in Dartford early Monday afternoon.

A vandal attack is being blamed for the fire which caused extensive damage, affecting four major electricity circuits and knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses, causing major disruption.  Locks at the bridge had been broken.

Although the attack and fire were in Dartford, homes and businesses throughout the Orpington, Erith, Dartford, Crayford and Bexleyheath area have suffered, with two-thirds of homes still without power.

Although Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford is in the affected area, its back-up generator was providing sufficient power to run the whole hospital, so there is no disruption to patient care.

Despite the efforts of EDF Energy, it expects power will not be restored to everyone until Wednesday morning.

A spokeswoman said, “We continue to work on a full restoration of power supplies.  However, this is a complex and difficult situation and it is unlikely this will be completed before tomorrow morning.”

EDF Energy is arranging temporary power supplies on a rota basis.  A spokesman said: “Unfortunately the alternative supply is not capable of providing sufficient power to all our customers at the same time, nor will we be able to provide power to all affected areas in this way.”

Dartford Borough Council had the foresight to install power protection equipment from PowerContinuity Systems and were not affected by the widespread power failure.


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