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Data Centre Design & Build with Power Continuity for your critical processes is a must.

After spending vital time with our clients in planning a data centre, the next important consideration that Power Continuity propose is construction, so that your plans and ideas are transferred accurately and successfully from paper to reality. This requires Power Continuity specialist knowledge, skills and experience, and therefore careful thought should be given before choosing which sub contractors work on the project.


Power Continuity is the Main Contractor and the obvious choice for quality & reliability.

Many data centre construction companies specialise in the installation of the IT equipment, and therefore must in outside contractors to carry out the bulk of the building construction work. They may also contract out the installation of fire suppression, air cooling, power protection etc.

At Power Continuity we do it all. When Power Continuity is the main contractor, we ensure that transparent communication is actioned between all parties concerned to achieve a successful outcome. Power Continuity follow these golden rules:

  • Ensuring planning permission and building regulations approval has been obtained (if required) and adhered to.
  • Confirming that health and safety guidelines are followed at all times, including provision of risk assessments and method statements, weeks in advance
  • Careful consideration given to suggestions from the building contractors regarding possible issues with the design and improvements , before issues arise.
  • Gaining a clear understanding of timescales, with regular updates throughout the construction process. This would include notification of daily start and finishing times for all contractors to avoid frustration.
  • Immediate notification of additional costs incurred , for open discussion
  • Determining a reliable point of supervisory contact for the duration of the project.
  • Assurance that site-security will not be compromised during the construction phase.

Power Continuity ensures that basic building and services are in place then the order of installation determined, especially if there are a number of different contractors involved. IT equipment, fire suppression, air conditioning and power protection equipment may all be required at overlapping times, and therefore Power Continuity determines the optimum order of installation. It is important to bear in mind that contractors will have booked in other projects besides yours, and if they are delayed by any of your other contractors it may be some time before you can get them back on site again. That is why pre-build discussions and planning are vital to get a clear understanding of time frames and when the various contractors will be required on site. Be sure to attend all the Power Continuity briefing meetings, take notes, join in the discussion and make your point; be there to be involved.

Power Continuity is your main contractor & project manager who will oversee the whole project with our specialist knowledge and skills; we will remove the stress and anxiety and get on with the job.

Want to build or refurbish a Data Centre?  Call 0845 055 8455 We are Power Continuity

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