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Surprisingly, many IT operators consider reliable power protection to be low on their lists of priorities. Even though it will cause major consequences like data loss. No company can afford to leave their IT assets unprotected without a reliable robust power protection solution in place.

In fact, losing power for little as millisecond will trigger downstream events that knock out IT equipment for many hours. All down time is enormously costly for any business. Some experts even believe that the UK economy of the country loses billions of pounds a year, due to power outages and other GRID related issues. Although according to the same studies, power can fluctuate enough to cause significant problems for IT servers. These can be alleviated by installed power protection systems. Even network devices will fail and falter under power fluctuations, especially older generation equipment that has been forgotten to be updated.  In this context, UPS solutions combined with Diesel Generators will keep systems operational 24/7 during any GRID outage. Such Power Continuity will also eliminate power issues caused by under-voltage, power loss and brownout spikes.

Always remember, out of sight is never out of mind. IT is a vital role in your enterprise. Protect it.

When the IT systems are left unprotected, core business processes will quickly grind to a halt. Can that cost be quantified?

Data Centre Expenditures and Savings : 

The real cost of cooling and power has increased immensely in recent years. Data centre managers are typically responsible for achieving high availability while simultaneously reducing the cost of power. Highly proficient UPS system can help in achieving these goals.

This is a sobering reminder to the data centre managers that they can’t afford to go without reliable backup power as the part of the comprehensive power protection strategy. Regular service & maintenance together with weekly and monthly testing is the only way to prove the system actually works.

Power Continuity Ltd , has 25 years’ experience of the power management together with how to ensure installed 24/7 power protection never fail in challenging locations.

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