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canopied diesel generatorCustom built Silencers– Noise control is an environmental issue. We can build silencers to accommodate the most stringent noise restrictions. We can install or retro fit silencers to existing site generators. Over time silencers degrade. On the outside silencers may appear pristine whilst on the inside the bafflers are breaking down. Whatever the size of silencer your site may require, PowerContinuity Systems can custom build bespoke silencers. We can also remove and replace silencers at your site; all fully built and installed by PowerContinuity Systems.

Is noise an issue?

Need to make your generator quieter?

That’s when a bespoke custom built silencer exhaust system is required

If you’re looking for
Custom Built Silencer Systems
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We’re here to help and build

Our site survey will offer you a number of options:-

Silencer installations –Each installation is different. Some buildings have restricted access or may have limited space available for a generator, be it externally located or within the building.

Silencer Site Survey – We will site survey your building at no cost, to allow accurate measurements to establish the most suitable backup generator options in the available space and conditions

Custom built Silencer Design – PowerContinuity will design from scratch a purpose built silencer system, providing the drawings and visuals that will allow your power protection system to operate within the desired sound levels required. This can be a new bespoke silencer systems or a retro fit.

Custom built Silencer Installation within an existing room – PowerContinuity systems engineers have over 25 years of complete installation experience, siteing generator systems in basements, on roofs, on ships, on remote highland sites, each can be custom built to the available space and ventilation available

Generator Silencer Maintenance – We not only train your own personnel in the operation of your newly installed automatic power protection system, we also cover the whole system including the silencers with our 24-7 generator maintenance and emergency call out team.

You have your own requirements-No problem– This is never an issue, PowerContinuity Systems work with the space and location available to arrive at a complete power protection system that meets your companies noise control requirements.

Our custom built silencers will help your site to achieve:-

Standard Silent Specification to have 80dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions

Silent Specification to have 75dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions

Super Silent Specification to have 70dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions

Extreme Silent Specification to have 65dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions

Whisper Silent Specification to have 60dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions

Need to replace a silencer on an existing canopied generator?

No problem. A site visit will confirm which is the best option.

Need to replace attenuation?

Need to replace an acoustic canopy?

No issue we will build attenuation and acoustic canopies to your requirements

Design Build Installation Maintenance

Noise Control – Custom built silencers by PowerContinuity Systems

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