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Fuel polishing, Fuel Scrubbing, Fuel Conditioning, Fuel Filtering are terms for the removal of water and micro-bacterial contamination of diesel fuel oil.

Stored diesel fuel will deteriorate due to contamination building up over time.
Water moisture build up is the most common form of contamination in the fuel oil providing an environment for accelerated micro-bacterial growth.
Over time this will eventually create sludge and biomass pollutants in the fuel, which if left un-cleaned will leave acidic deposits on the generator injectors and worst still prevent the operation of the generator, when you need it most.
Diesel fuel suppliers do not guarantee the quality of your stored fuel oil.
Summers greatly accelerate micro bacterial growth as storage tanks act like an incubator. Like a silent cancer spreading through your fuel oil- it needs to be stopped.

How to stop micro-bacterial growth build up in your fuel oil storage tanks?

Fuel polishing, also referred to as fuel conditioning, fuel Scrubbing, or Fuel Filtering or even fuel cleaning by PowerContinuity will remove the dirt and grime build to extend the working life of your diesel fuel by stopping the micro-bacterial growth build up in your fuel storage facility. Our Engineers will filter and cleanse your fuel supply and return the fuel into your onsite fuel storage facility.

How clean will my fuel be after fuel polishing with Power Continuity ? Your diesel fuel will be virtually the same quality as the day it was delivered to your site. Here’s an example

Fuel polishing diesel generator fuel tank

What are the Benefits of Diesel Fuel Polishing?

  • Removes water/moisture present in diesel fuel
  • Removes bacterial residue
  • Helps prevent it from forming quickly again
  • Fuel filters last longer as they are not clogged with micro-bacterial build up
  • Cleaner fuel increases the fuel efficiency of the diesel engine
  • Running diesel engines on cleaner fuel eliminates generator fuel failure
  • Avoids the replacement of injections ( due to acidic bacterial damage)
  • Your emergency generator doesn’t  fail due to fuel contamination
  • Confidence your site generator will start- Priceless !

We would advise to filter/clean your fuel annually, worst case no longer than every 2 years, as most red diesel now contains up to 20% of Bio diesel in the mix. The likely hood of microbial build up within the tanks has dramatically increased.

Therefore on reflection we would advise annual fuel cleaning to keep your fuel pristine.

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