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Noise Attenuation is the control of standby emergency generators noise by means of custom made silencers, air inlet, outlet, fans and bespoke insulation with vibration control, all built by PowerContinuity to reduce the impact on the local ambient sound level environment.

noise_attenuation_4Diesel generator sets used for standby emergency power operate infrequently, so, controlling the noise level they produce is a skilled installation science.
Local authorities have regulations that set limits on permissible sound levels in every part of the UK.
Dependant of where your generator is situated, the EU norm of 80dBA @ 1 metre may well be perfectly acceptable. Although, if your generator is situated close to residential areas or within the building a lower sound level may be required or even be enforced.

While custom built exhaust silencers can greatly suppress exhaust noise, much of the noise produced by the generator, even an enclosed generator set, comes from the intake and air outlet vents. This air flow is much harder to control but we at PowerContinuity have years of experience designing purpose built air intake, air outlet and exhaust plenums.
Sound attenuation is dependent on many other factors too, including the sound level produced by the generator engine reverberating off nearby walls or solid objects.

The extent of attenuation is usually expressed in units called decibels (dBs).

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Noise attenuation Sound Control from PowerContinuity includes:

  • Attention to noise generated at cooling air intake and exhaust plenums.
  • Sound-attenuating materials in the walls and ceilings of the enclosure
  • Design of airflow through the enclosure is critical to minimizing this noise.
  • Vibration control
  • Location of nearby walls and solid objects
  • Take in account local noise limitations
  • Footprint/ Total dimensions of the completed installation.
  • All completed by PowerContinuity Systems’ own engineers

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