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Disaster recovery and power protection systems

Who are you going to call when the MAINS fails?……better to STOP it failing in the first place.

Power Continuity can completely design, supply, install and maintain a state of the art Power Protection 24-7 system for you. Each design can be viewed as a 3D model utilising the most cost effective space.

Disaster Prevention Systems

A Disaster Prevention System works like this – you require:-

  • A Centralized UPS system
  • A Standby Generator with on-board fuel tank as well as a 24 hour additional tank
  • Automatic Mains Fail power transfer panel (AMF) to switch the power from mains to auxiliary automatically
  • Self-contained Air Con System
  • The DR room in a part of the building away from potential risks. Solid brick walls and a concrete ceiling
  • Keypad entry via solid fire-rated door

This allows your Critical Kit to be fully power protected, whatever happens to the mains supply

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The Ultimate Disaster Power Protection System Option Never want a power outage or power loss? Then you seriously need to look at an N+1 installation

What’s N+1?

N+1 is a UPS in parallel with a same size and model UPS.
For example a 10kVA UPS with 20 minutes battery backup and a second 10 kVA for with 20 minutes battery backup.

Disaster Prevention Systems

N+1 Configuration explanation

The reason why?

A UPS is built to withstand the ravines and fluctuations of the dirty power from the National Grid. Being full of complex parts, of course failure of a part can happen. When this occurs the UPS would go into internal bypass or at worst could turn itself off. Although rare, components can fail. If your system is mission critical then in an N+1 situation the second parallel UPS would seamlessly take over and continue to protect your power.

What if the power outage were to last longer than the battery time of my UPS?

Your system will require an automatic Standby Generator with 12 hour fuel tank as well as an optional 24 hour external tank.

Is having a Standby Generator an N+1 solution?

No. Again N+1 would require a parallel Standby Generator system of two equal size and model generators, in the event of one of the generators failing to start. This could happen due to vandalism, component failure, lack of fuel, etc. N+1 would require two standby generators of the same size and model fully synchronised so that, in the event of an issue with one of them, the second continues to support the load without failure.

That’s fine but I need even Greater Protection for our Mission Critical System.   What can I do that will make our Systems virtually impossible to fail?        

The next step after installing an N+1 UPS and Generator Power Protection system to upgrade to  a 100% Disaster Recovery system would be to have a second remote location at least 10 miles away.

This would be mirrored with the main Disaster Recovery Site
Located at least 10 miles away from your existing DR site

Total Resilience
Power Continuity can provide N+1 , N+2 , N+3 or even N+4 total resilience into any DR system. We design, supply, install and maintain Disaster Recovery Systems throughout the UK.

Power Continuity Disaster Prevention Systems

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