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FG Wilson Diesel Generators began in Belfast Northern Ireland as the dream of Freddy Wilson a local lad with a world class dream.

Today FG Wilson are a truly global company with over 3,000 employees and 45 years of experience in the supply of diesel and gas generator sets. Their product range from 6.8 to over 2,500 kVA, includes open and enclosed generator sets providing prime and standby power – from standby domestic use, right up to power modules with the ability to operate as complete power stations supplying electricity to national grids.

FG Wilson’s world leading position within the power generation industry is as a result of our engineering expertise and the continual investment in new technology and production methods.

F. G. Wilson Range of Engines

 F G Wilson’s standard product range consists of 5 categories

emissions compliant

  • EUIIIa Emissions Compliant – these generators comply with EU stage IIIa Emissions Legislation ensuring they are suitable for mobile (non-stationary) applications throughout Europe or where a higher level of emissions performance is desired.
  • emissions enhancedEmissions Enhanced – these generator sets models are designed to provide a higher level of emissions performance (formerly EUII) over our Performance / Fuel optimised models.  They are suitable for non-emissions regulated markets globally and stationary applications (non-mobile) throughout Europe, where a higher level of emissions performance is desired.
  • fuel performance optimisedPerformance / Fuel Optimised – these generator set models are optimised for performance and fuel consumption.  They are suitable for non-emissions regulated markets globally and stationary applications (non-mobile) throughout Europe. These generators are available in size ranging from 8.5kVA (6.8kW) to 750kVA (600kW).


  • Rental Range – our range of rental generator sets are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of temporary power needs around the world.  Available in Emissions Enhanced and EUIIIa Emissions Compliant models, they are robust, fuel efficient and easy to operate. Galvanised, sound attenuated enclosures provide excellent noise reduction for residential areas whilst ensuring they are able to withstand the harshest on-site conditions.
  • investor rangeInvestor Range > 730 kVA – ranging from 730 – 2500 kVA, these generator sets are proven in the field and trusted to provide reliable power for critical applications including: mini power stations, data centres, large factories, airports, hospitals and large retail stores etc.  Available with a 50°C package option, to ensure efficient operation in high ambient temperatures, this range can be customised with bespoke enclosures, cooling systems and specialised control systems through our Custom Power Solution team to suit any need.

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