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The consequences of power failure to financial institutions could be devastating.

Aside from the inability to complete customer transactions, there is potential exposure of highly sensitive customer data. Data breach can create a liability issue that cause permanent damage to institution’s reputation.

Robust firewalls are the first line of defense.

Resilient NO Break power is essential for all banking and financial institutions. Generator installations in the Finance sector automatically provide power within a second of an outage to provide uninterrupted clean power to all connected systems and applications. A reliable power system for financial institutions, such as banks, is absolutely necessary as hundreds of thousands of transactions take place every second. Resilient Power Protection that can operate indefinitely is vitally important.

Billions of transactions each day. Therefore, we build and install world’s best rotary Flywheel UPS system to protect critical sites. So, they can remain free from GRID power disruption.

Whether you are looking for diesel generator or UPS power systems for emergency power, we are here to help. Our dedicated team of engineers carefully design power protection systems to suit your requirements. Financial services power protection is vital then the experts at Power continuity Ltd. are here to help.

Power Continuity is the trade mark of Power Continuity Ltd. We do what we say ‘on the tin’

25 years of experience in the design, build and installation of automatic power protection systems. Some of the most well-known UK financial companies have been power protected by us for decades. Power continuity actively protects the critical operations of UK financial institutions 24/7.

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