Flash Flooding cuts Power Supply

//Flash Flooding cuts Power Supply

Flash Flooding cuts Power Supply

Heavy rain has caused “serious flooding” in parts of Scotland, with properties evacuated and hundreds of people in Perthshire without power.

More than 750 properties in Alyth were affected by the power cut, and Scottish Hydro said efforts to restore services had been “severely hampered” by rising water levels. A bridge over the Alyth burn carrying power cables was washed away, and engineers were working to re-route supplies from other parts of the network.

As resilient as the Grid is designed to be, natural disasters often cause at least localised power disruption. If you were a local business, what would you do without power? Installing a power protection system provides you with the certainty that next time the power goes out in your area, you won’t be affected.

News source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-33563519 


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