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Flywheel Rotary UPS System for a whole building uninterruptible power supply

Traditional static UPS with batteries are well suited to clean non disruptive loads but are not suited to disturbing loads like motors and heating. With a flywheel rotary UPS system however, there is no sensitivity to disruptive loads and you can back up your whole building.

Help on In what circumstances is a rotary UPS better than a Static Battery UPS?

This is great news for industrial production facilities where even a short power blip can cause millions of pounds in lost production.

Power Continuity have supplied and installed flywheel UPS systems up to 4MW in size. By offering both static and flywheel rotary UPS’ we can provide you with the best power protection system personalized to your needs and requirements.

Flywheel UPS Systems – How do they work?

Flywheel UPS’ use a series of flywheels, which convert electrical energy into kinetic energy and store it within the flywheel. In the event of a power cut, the stored energy is converted back into electrical energy to supply the building load. To protect for prolonged power cuts, our flywheel UPS systems are coupled to a diesel generator, which will automatically start up and take the load before the flywheels fully discharge.

DRUPS fly wheel Rotary UPS

Why Flywheel Rotary UPS Systems?

  • Efficiency – flywheel UPS are up to 98% efficient and unlike UPS batteries do not require a very specific temperature range to maintain optimal performance.
  • More Reliable – Battery failures are the main cause of a UPS load loss / system downtime. Using flywheels, the risk is reduced considerably. A study by Technology, Inc. showed that use of one flywheel UPS system reduces the risk of failure by 80% compared to a traditional UPS with batteries
  • Power Density – flywheels can store a great amount of energy in a very compact space, and less than the equivalent space of traditional UPS batteries.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – with less maintenance and no batteries to replace every 5 years, flywheel UPS have a lower total cost of ownership.

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