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diesel generator installationDiesel Generator installations are the only way to ensure automatic standby power protection that really works when you need it the most.
Power Protection and Diesel Generators are synonymous with each other, furthermore, the only serious way to guarantee emergency power for critical systems.
Power Continuity design, build and install automatic generator power protection systems across the UK, Ireland and Europe.
Contact us for best industrial diesel generator installation services.

Fully installed Automatic Industrial Diesel Generator Installation Services
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Power Control without the Hassle.

Diesel Generator Installers – Before the lights go out – BE PREPARED !

Diesel generator installations require consideration before we start. Here is what we do:-

Firstly, the Site Survey

We will carry out a FREE site survey your building at no cost to you.
These accurate site summaries allow us to offer you a choice of backup generator options.
Isolating the most cost effective system. to suit your budget and time frame

Second, comes the Design

PowerContinuity designs each purpose built generator system installation from scratch, as well as providing the schematics and electrical drawings.
As a matter of fact, should planning applications be required, then these will be required.

Finally , your choice of Generators

Contrary to belief, you have a choice of diesel generator.
We help you to choose the correct Diesel Generator backup power system, that most suites your needs.
Better still, once installed, PowerContinuity will monitor and maintain the system to keep it in peak performance.

In spite of their size, these can be built in many different ways. Of course, it can be an open-set or inside an acoustic canopy.
Perhaps you’d prefer a walk inside container or maybe you would rather have the generator built inside your building. You can select the  size of fuel tank, colour etc.
So whether it is 10 hours or 100 hours diesel fuel capacity, we can accommodate your bunded tank requirements.
Power Control systems of your preference. PowerContinuity systems build generators, selecting engines from World Leadering Manufacturers.

Diesel Generator Installation Services

PowerContinuity systems engineers have over 30 years experience in complete diesel generator installation service.
We have carried generator installations in basements, on roofs, in hospitals, on ships, and even remote highland sites.

Power Control, 24/7 to ensure that your mission critical operations never fail

Here at Power Continuity our engineers are available 24 hours a day to keep Britain moving through COVID 19 and any future challenges.

Whichever you choose, our bespoke Generator Installation will be fully automatic or manual or remotely controlled

Here are just a small selection of the available diesel generator configurations available:

Open set

No sound proofing – These are usually installed inside a dedicated room in a basement or ground floor level next to the switch intake. The generator and alternator with a bunded internal fuel tank are all mounted on a heavy duty metal skid. As there is no sound attenuation the noise levels are high. Under these circumstances we would install additional acoustic bafflers to reduce noise, as this point often commonly overlooked.

Canopied set

When we add an acoustic canopy it will dramatically reduce the sound levels – Acoustic canopied generators , when running produce a noise level of 80dbA @ 1 metre. This makes them ideal for outside use in car parks and surroundings.

Acoustic and weather proof canopy

First thing to remember is noise, the second is the weather. It’s important to realise that your emergency standby generator will last for up to 35 years as long as it has a weather proof canopy.

Acoustic canopied generators are lockable and have a bunded diesel tank located inside, and when weather proof makes them a secure & safe option for most locations.


Containerised generators are usually larger generators above 500kVA up to 2000kVA with 80dbA @ 1 metres noise level insulation. The most compelling evidence for containerising a generator is that they will withstand the most severe weather conditions, on the other hand, they are also ‘walk inside’, which allows service & maintenance to take place inside away from the elements. Another reason, to take into account, is the bunded fuel tank can also be inside the container, making a Generator Container, the most secure option for any emergency power backup system.

Marine Containerised

Marine means installed on the deck of a ship or Port Side.
Containerised Diesel generators , Marine Specification, are large generators above 500kVA with at least 80dbA @ 1 metres noise level and external connection points.
Power Continuity manufactures bespoke generators for marine applications whether port side or located on ships, however, require that the ship is in port for the duration of the installation.

Custom built generators

We can custom build generators in accordance with the clients requirements.
Notwithstanding, the basics of engine & alterative & power control, we can build your specific bespoke generator for these operational conditons:-

    • Desert Specification to withstand temperatures up to as high as 55 C and or as low as – 10 C at night
    • Extreme Winter Specification to withstand continuous severe temperatures of down to -40C in winteryconditions
    • Silent Specification to have 75dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions
    • Super Silent Specification to have 70dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions
    • Extreme Silent Specification to have 65dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions
    • Whisper Silent Specification to have 60dbA or less noise emissions @ 1 metre in open field conditions
    • Double skinned acoustic containerised with double skinned fuel tanks
    • Diesel generators– Fuel tanks for Red Diesel – All Power Continuity generators come with an on-board fuel tank.
      Choose an openset generator on a skid then the fuel tank is usually a separate stand alone tank made to fit your space and double skinned.
      We can custom build larger fuels tanks in accordance with the clients requirements up to 14 days fuel requirements. For example, the largest single lone standing tank that we have built so far is 50,000 litre tank.

Generator Installations need Automatic Mains Transfer panels – AMF or ATP – Built to your site specifications

Each generator is built with power control that allows it to be connected to an AMF.
Consequently the Automatic Mains Transfer panel allows the fully installed power protection to operate without any human involvement.

Emergency power system starts up within seconds of a power failure.
Thereafter it turns itself off once the grid power has been restored.
After GRID restoration, the generator runs its cool down programme  lasts for 5 minutes .
With this in mind the time period can be adjusted to your timeframe limitations.
Likewise, the generator will only stop and switch back to GRID once the incoming power remains stable period for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Otherwise the standby power will continue running to support your building.

Here is more information on how an Automatic Mains Fail panel works.

We can custom build Automatic Mains Transfer panels to any size and any multiple steps,
allowing cascading start ups in a predetermined sequence through out your building.

Most of the well known companies in the UK are power protected by PowerContinuity Systems. 

If it’s good enough for them it will be great for you.


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