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Generator removals require expert handling. Diesel generators require a lot of space , so when they have finished their useful life Let PowerContinuity ‘Free Up’ your space by removing or relocating your generator.

The sheer weight and size of these power plants requires our specialist removal teams to bring on site heavy lifting equipment. All environmental issues and hazardous fuel will be handled by PowerContinuity Systems in accordance with the highest current environment agency legislation.

Our Heavy lifting Hiab that can lift a 60 ton weight and our mobile crane can make light work of even the most difficult generator removal projects, whether ground level, underground car park, roof locations or within a building.
Maybe your redundant generator is in a basement, next to a canal, on the roof, deep inside your complex, no problem.


PowerContinuity has the expertise to de-commission and remove any Generating Plant regardless of how impossible it may appear to access and uninstall
Each PowerContinuity Specialist team has over 20 years experience in the safe de-commission, removal and disposal of even the largest generators.
PowerContinuity can remove and relocate any generator power systems from 35 kVA up to 5 Mega Watts and we have done.

We do what we say. Let our experience help you too.

If you would like a generator power system removed from your company site, with the safe disposal of the generator and fuel tanks along with their  harmful fluids, then call us – we’re to help:-

Call PowerContinuity for a FREE QUOTATION
on 0845 055 8455

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