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Harmonics & National Grid

Also known as dirt power, raw mains, national grid has bad harmonics as the power is designed for general use. The only way to eliminate bad harmonics from Raw Mains, national grid supplies is to install a UPS power system, regardless of manufacturer, that combines a collection of electronic parts consisting of at least one inverter and rectifier together with a transformer that accepts electrical power as AC and converters to DC and then back to AC to provide a clean power source with that source stored in accompanying lead acid batteries to provide power autonomy in the event of a power loss and so maintain an uninterruptible power supply to mission critical equipment. All UPS systems have electronic parts and batteries to provide uninterruptible power protection for powercontinuity and business continuity in the event of a power outage. Any energy systems can fail, so for that reason sensitive electrical equipment require power conditioning to prevent power surge called spikes and power drops called brown outs.


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