Usually a large metal narrow, wide and high container with fins that contains water which is air cooled by means of an electric fan and that circulates water to keep on engine from overheating whilst running. Ask for a free site visit and quotation for Power Continuity Systems to service any radiator on a generator as part of the regular generator maintenance which is carried out on all generators from Cummins, Perkins, FG Wilson, Iveco and many others as part of emergency power systems for business continuity on mission critical sites. Some also use generators can be run on natural gas and LPG bottled gas, these too all have radiators to keep the engines from overheating. Let PowerContinuity Systems offer you alternative energy systems as well as diesel power standby emergency generators for continuous power without any breaks providing complete power protection in the event of power failure. Call now for a free site survey and use Gas power for your critical power protection systems. All Diesel generators have water filed radiators that need to be checked as part of a generator maintenance service.


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