A stipulation, explicit or implied, in assurance of some particular in connection with a contract, as of sale. All Generators built by power continuity systems that have been designed to run on natural gas and LPG bottled gas come with an all parts warranty. Let PowerContinuity Systems offer you alternative energy systems as well as diesel power standby emergency generators for continuous power without any breaks providing complete power protection in the event of power failure. Call now for a free site survey and use Gas power for your critical power protection systems. UPS maintenance and Generator Maintenance on all power systems and energy systems to ensure 100% data power protection. This applies to any make including, UPS from Riello UPS Power Supplies, Eaton UPS Power Supplies, AEC UPS power supplies and Emerson Leibert, as well as generators from Cummins and Perkins. Power Continuity can out warranty on any AEC UPS systems, Borri UPS systems, Eaton UPS systems, Riello UPS systems all are referred to prospective customers as reliable True Online UPS supplies. And Power Conti of Italy. All a critical part of your business continuity and power protection solutions.


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