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UK Government operates with dependable electricity. Without Power No Government can operate.
There is no aspect of human life that is untouched by the electricity. From Social Media through to Life support systems, all depend on a clear reliable electricity to be available 24 hours ago.
In fact, all governmental activities whether front line services or local council services need electricity.
Typically, local and central government offices need continuous power supply 24/7.
Therefore, the necessity for Emergency Power Systems, fully installed and automatic, are the backbone of UK Government operations.

All government sectors are totlaly reliant on digital systems. Computers and servers can’t accept any power interruption. Any break results in data loss and even server damage.

What would happen if any government regulatory body lost its valuable data due to sudden power loss? Fortunately, Power Continuity, has cost effective ways to combat such catastrophises. Automatic uninterrupted power supply and generator installations, fully installed and ready to protect 24/7..

At Power Continuity Ltd. we understand the importance of getting the correct generator installation for local and central government requirements. Remote locations and Disaster Recovery sites.

Fact:- We design all our power protection systems, in house, to suit your site specific requirements. Protecting the integrity of computers, server rooms, IT networks, comms rooms, data centres, call and control centres of the Emergency Services is quintessential. That’s why we guarantee all our critical installations. All our power protection systems provide instantaneous emergency power during an loss of GRID supply.   Every system can run indefinitely without mains GRID power. Just keep the fuel topped up.

We don’t promote brand loyalty, instead we design, build & install whatever is the best bespoke business continuity power protection solution for each Government site.

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