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Why Healthcare Must Invest in Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)?


UPS Power is the indispensable source that is critically important to run all IT operations, healthcare services, government organisations, energy infrastructure & security. Every industry invests heavily installing a reliable UPS system. The UPS is the efficient reliable system that acts as an emergency backup power. For example, when the input power supply is intermittent or simply not there-down the UPS holds the load.

A UPS system is vital in a hospital environment because most other kinds of damage can be mitigated. However in healthcare cases, any system shutdown can snuff out someone’s life. Therefore, the power protection systems in medical institutions have much higher standards than those for industrial use. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) designed to ensure organisations can protect their networks and applications in case of the power disruption. An uninterruptible power supply is an electrical system that can be battery operated or Emergency Generators installation in HealthCare Industry that offers emergency power even when other input power sources fail. In fact most healthcare sites have N+N systems to ensure 100% resilience for all their Life Systems.

Why Your Health Care Needs UPS?

UPS protect hospitals running in cases of power loss & prevents data loss & increases the protection for life support systems. In cases of a voltage fluctuation, the costly equipment of hospitals electronic devices can fail or be irreparably damaged.

Therefore installing a UPS provides a consistent power backup during fluctuating periods of GRID power supply. Compact Single-Phase UPS is a critical system of the power supply infrastructure of hospitals for mobile systems within wards. When a UPS is coupled with a centralised building UPS and generators, they will provide the uninterrupted supply of power for the entire hospital. Therefore ensuring that lives are not loss during a GRID power cut.

A natural disaster or some other failure can disrupt the hospitals’ functionality because of the power disruption. In such conditions, a reliable source of power (UPS or Generators) can be a lifesaving investment for the hospital and can save the lives of the people.

UPS and Generators SAVE LIVES !

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