Help is Here!!

Power and Power Protection can be daunting.

What to choose and why?

Uninterruptible Power Supplies / UPS Power Systems for seamless power protection of mission critical systems.

What type of installation do I require and why? How long battery backup do I need?
Why does my UPS need to be kept cool at all times?

Isn’t a UPS enough to protect my power? What about a generator?

Diesel generator sets used for standby emergency power systems….why?

Distribution Boards. Switchgear. Automatic Mains Transfer panels. Do I need to upgrade?

What about noise levels?

Local authorities have regulations that set limits on permissible sound levels in every part of the UK. Does this affect me and my site?
Do I really need to service and maintain my power protection equipment or can I get by without and save money?

PowerContinuity Systems are here to help.

We’re all engineers with field experience here at PowerContinuity.
No dedicated sales people. We offer advice and experience without obligation.

And if you like our advice then we can design, build and install your power protection.

Need a helping hand?
No problem, just call us on:-
0845 055 8455
We’re here to help

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