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Uninterruptible Power Supply: Why IT Industry Need to Install UPS?


How important is GRID Electricity? All IT corporations can’t function without Electricity.
You can easily imagine the worst-case scenarios that many companies have witnessed due to power loss. Installing 
UPS Batteries Installation for Server Room systems make sure that your system keeps running during any GRID power loss. There are many different types and scale of uninterrupted power supplies (Depending on your requirements). However, they all provide Clean NO Break Electricity to systems in the event of GRID power loss.



A UPS system is of the utmost importance in IT Sector because of following reasons:


  • Protect against any sudden power interruptions
  • Provide sufficient power during the short-term disruption.
  • Maintain the quality of the energy as it reaches your equipment.
  • Acting as a backup source for long-term outages, and NO Break power for generators.


Various types of UPS System are being implemented in IT industries; some of them are as follows:


  • A Standby UPS System– It has an inverter, battery, static switch, low-pass filter and surge suppressor. The system always remains on ‘standby’ unless there’s a primary power failure.
  • A line-interactive UPS system- It contains a battery and inverter that are always connected to the primary source, and if power fails, a switch changes the electrical flow.
  • A double-conversion UPS- It is a system with a backup battery charged by the input AC and powers the output inverter for a seamless switch.Best NO BREAK power.


Advantages of Using UPS Systems in the IT sector:


  • Continuity- You company will have no outages to critical equipment like computers to factory production lines.
  • Consistency Electronics within a UPS tells it when it needs to work and kicks in alternate power as required, eliminating glitches or surges and allowing time to shut down central systems if and when required safely.
  • Protection– It protects sophisticated systems from conditions such as surges, spikes, dips and failure because the UPS installation in IT Industry maintains a steady supply of power.


For more information on the importantce of UPS systems contact PowerContinuity on

0845 055 8455

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Generator instllation in IT Sector            Generator installation in IT Sector

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