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The IVECO company is based in Turin, Italy, and is one of the World’s largest manufacturers of trucks, buses and diesel engines. We’ve all seen the name IVECO a truly reliable generator manufacturer.

Iveco began in 1975 when Bruno Beccaria, FIAT manager and mechanical engineer, merged five companies operating in Europe. Acquisitions of other companies has helped Iveco grow in European markets. It now also manufactures in Spain. The launch of new and award winning vehicles has continued to promote the company.

IVECO engines are actually manufactured by FPT Power Trains, which are both owned by global company CNH Industrial. CNH also owns well know brands Case and New Holland.

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The FPT Industrial range for power generation applications includes the F, N, C and V series and has a wide range from 32 to 770 kW. In the range there also are several hybrid combinations, with various options available including a series of special products that can be adapted to satisfy even the most demanding of customers.

 Prime Power kVAStand-By Power [kVA]
ModelDispl.[litres]50 Hz60 Hz50 Hz60 Hz
 F5 series – 28.5-47 kWa
 F32 AM1A 31.5kW3.228.531.5
 F32 SM1F 31,5kW3.228.531.5
 F32 SM1A 41.5kW3.23841.5
 F32 TM1A 51.5kW3.24751.5
 NEF series – 42-175 kWa
 N45 AM1A 46kW4.54246
 N45 AM2 50kW 55kW (PRELIMINARY)4.545505055
 N45 SM1A 59kW 65kW4.553.3595965
 N45 SM1F 60kW4.554.560
 N45 SM2A 73kW4.56673
 N45 TE1F 80kW4.572.580
 N45 SM3 81kW 97kW4.573888197
 N45 TM1A 85kW 95kW4.577878595
 N45 TM2A 96kW 107kW4.5879796107
 N45 TE2F 98kW4.58998
 N45 TM3 118kW 127kW4.5107115118127
 N67 SM1 121kW 138kW6.7110126121138
 N67 TM1F 125kW6.7113.5125
 N67 TM2A 126kW 141kW6.7114127126141
 N67 TE1F 145kW6.7131.5145
 N67 TM3A 152kW 165kW6.7138150152165
 N67 TM76.7141.5176.5
 N67 TM4 165kW 187kW6.7149170165187
 N67 TE2F 165kW6.7150165
 N67 TE2A 193kW 215kW6.7175195193215
 CURSOR series – 177-415 kWa
 C87 TE1F 195 kW8.7177195
 C87 TE2 220kW8.7200220
 C87 TE3 249 kW 271 kW8.7229249249271
 C87 TE1D 256kW 280kW8.7232254256280
 C87 TE3F 256kW8.7232256
 C87 TE4 299kW 333kW8.7275306299333
 C10 TE1D 290kW 317kW10.3263290290317
 C10 TE1F 290kW10.3263290
 C13 TE1F 327kW12.88296327
 C13 TE2F 377kW12.88342377
 C13 TE2A 330kW 360kW12.9300327330360
 C13 TE3A 387kW 398kW12.9352360387398
 C13 TE7 PRELIMINARY12.9415428459474

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