Batteries Overheating – Generators?

Generator batteries can overheat… Really?

The short answer is YES they can.

Generator VRLA batteries are designed to operate at higher temperatures than standard batteries. That is because they are close to a generator and are therefore designed to operate between 20-40C.

Should the operating temperature remain over say, 35C for long periods then the High battery temperatures will significantly reduce the battery life and can cause the battery to swell, which if extreme could cause the outer casing of the batteries to crack.

The fluid in the batteries will dry out faster too.

Check weekly each of the generator batteries for:

  • Fluid – Top up if necessary- Never let a battery dry out
  • Corrosion on the terminals- clean and grease if required
  • Tops on the batteries are tightly closed- Never leave a top off
  • Battery links are tight- no loose
  • Always use a battery that is bigger then required rather than making do with a NON compliant smaller battery.
  • Any leaks- Clean with a clean cloth to spot any leaks
  • Any damage- Accidental by personnel

Make a written note of the condition each week for reference.

Never expect a Generator battery to last forever – Replace at least every 4 years or sooner if operating in a hot environment

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