Brown Out Power Prevention Explained

Brown out power prevention

Brown out power prevention is more important than ever before. As these occur frequently across the UK Power networks. The only way to prevent a brownout (a temporary reduction in voltage) hurting your sensitive equipment is to have an Uninterruptible Power Supply, fully installed by Power Continuity.

Uninterruptible Power Supply -UPS

A traditional static battery UPS is fine for clean loads such as server rooms but for any disruptive load such as motors, production plants, inverter drives, heavy loads etc. the only way to prevent brownouts is a flywheel rotary UPS.

Rotary Flywheel UPS

Kinetic energy stored in rotary flywheel UPS will provide the necessary ride through during any momentary brownout without any effect to your site load. Ultimately the flywheel rotary UPS is twinned with a diesel generator. The generator will kick in during the ride through and provide prolonged uninterrupted power. No worries !

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rotary flywheel UPS- Brown out power prevention

Traditional static battery UPS

A traditional static battery UPS uses lead acid batteries to support the power load during a millisecond brown out power dip. These brown outs can happen hundreds of times a day but as long as your load is supported by a good quality global brand UPS then your downstream load will be unaffected.

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Of course, multiple brown outs are more commonly a warning that a major power outage is about to hit your GRID ring. Wham Bam, you’re hit with total GRID power loss. In that case you need to have an installed fully automatic diesel generator to back up your UPS system. Power Continuity have hundreds of sites across the UK where these critical power solutions have been designed, built and installed.

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Should your site be ‘mission critical’ then Brown outs and Power Dips are something that you can’t tolerate. In that case you require NO Break Power Protection fully installed.

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If you can never experience any power issues, ever due to the high-risk nature of your site. You need to take your power protection to the ultimate risk free power protection.

Power Continuity can design and install a ‘Bullet Proof Disaster Prevention system’ with N+1N+2 or N+ 3 resilience

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