How can I earn with my generator?

The main purpose of your generator is to ensure power protection for your business and this without a doubt has the greatest financial worth to your operations. However there are ways of maximising the value of your generator. This includes:

  • TRIAD reduction
  • STOR

TRIAD Reduction

TRIAD is the mechanism by which large companies pay for the energy network infrastructure element of their electricity bill.

(three TRIAD periods defined: the three half hourly periods with the highest demand between November and February, with at least 10 days in between)

Large companies are charged an annual infrastructure in addition to the number of units used. Then divided on a pro-rata basis per billing period.
By running the site on generator during the three TRIAD periods, it is possible to significantly reduce/even eliminate these infrastructure charges.


STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve) method used by the National Grid. It ensures the lights stay on at times of peak demand. It involves asking power generators (including owners of diesel generators) to generate and export power to the grid. This makes up the necessary generating capacity. If you own a generator, it is possible to offer this to the National Grid as part of a tendering process. There are a number of companies that act as the managing agent. They will bid to the grid and will then manage everything for you including notifying you when to generate power.

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