Can Low Temperature affect batteries?

Low temperatures will affect batteries.
Consistently low temperatures will shorten the life of a battery quite dramatically.

As we have discussed in other FAQs the ambient temperature has a significant impact on the longevity and performance of VRLA batteries. Batteries operate best in an ambient range of 18C to 22C. Batteries like consistency for a long useful working life.

But you may ask how does low temperatures affect them?

The lower the temperature, the higher the float voltage.

This in itself is not a problem but it means that the charging voltage should be increased accordingly. The other impact on batteries as temperatures reduce is the reduction in effective capacity.

In temperatures that are less than +10 degrees C this becomes quite considerable with a battery depleting in a third of the time as that at +18-22C

Should batteries be subject to frost damage then the batteries will be permanently destroyed

NEVER re-use batteries that have been subject to Frost or below ZERO damage.
The outer casting will have been compromised and the acid WILL LEAK . Replace these batteries immediately and take care to ensure that such mow temperature damage can never happen again.

Ensure that the battery / batteries are in future protected from :-

Wind Chill factor
Low Temperatures
Water Damage
Frost Risk
Always keep well ventilated
Always keep level and dry
Always keep the battery terminals clear and greased
Always keep the batteries top up with liquid ( as stated by the manufacturer )
Check weekly for visual appearance of leaks of fluid
Check that the battery charging unit is still charging your battery/batteries

The moral of the story is to keep batteries (both during storage and use) at the normal room ambient temperature of + 18 to + 22 degrees C.


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