UPS Common Faults

Generator common faults that we frequently deal with during client call outs at Powercontinuity we have listed below. As you will see many of them are either totally avoidable or easily sorted.

UPS Common Faults

  • Incorrect Switching
    Often we hear of UPS’s that are severely damaged. This is especially the case on older UPS units.
    Likely, this is due to them being switched incorrectly. (normally in conjunction with an external maintenance bypass switch). To avoid this, it’s important to remember is to follow any switching procedure carefully. And if in any doubt, leave it to a UPS engineer.
  • Pressing EPO
    UPS engineers have been called out because the EPO had been pressed. The EPO is the Emergency Power Switch. Good starting point to check.
  • Prolonged power outage
    Because a UPS is backing up the load, it does happen that people expect the unit to protect the load indefinitely. Depending on the size and number of batteries, most UPS will only have between 10 minutes and 30 minutes at fall load so be aware that in a prolonged outage power will be lost.

UPS Internal Electronics

  • UPS internal electronics consist of hundreds of thousands of electrical connections. As well as, electrical joints, sensors, transistors etc. Likewise, over time degradation takes place.  Eventually, the UPS needs to be replaced due to age.
  • Watch the video below, which gives you an insight to the internal workings of a UPS. You will know just how electronically complex the internal electronics of a UPS actually are. CLICK BELOW.


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