Comms Room Design and Installation

Before you design and build your own Comms Room Facility, you’ll require equipment for your Comms Room Installation.

You will require both a UPS Power System  and an installed diesel generator.

Power Protection in the event of a power cut is a necessity.

A UPS installation will provide power, without a break, when your comms room has lost MAINS power.
Thereafter, the backup generator will start up to support the UPS power system.
The importance of the UPS is to ensure that during the 10 seconds required to start up the generator.
This short gap MUST be protected by an uninterruptible power supply to ensure a NO BREAK power solution.

By also having a UPS installation, you will then have a SEAMLESS power protection system ready to cope with any power outage.
Additionally, a UPS Power System will protect your sensitive servers and IT equipment from power spikes and brownouts.
Diesel Emergency  generators can’t protect you from Power Spikes and brown outs.
PowerContinuity Systems design, build and install seamless  power protection systems across the UK and Ireland.

Some of the most well known companies are  power protected by PowerContinuity Systems.

Power Protection and Uninterruptible Power Supplies are synonymous with each other.
They are the only serious way to guarantee emergency power for critical systems in the event of a power failure.

Comms Room Installation requires:-

UPS Installation – Site Survey

We will site survey your building at no cost to offer you a choice of UPS power systems options to suite your budget, to find the most cost effective UPS system.

Comms Room InstallationUPS Installation – Design

PowerContinuity will design from scratch a fit for purpose UPS power system, providing the schematics and electrical drawings that you will need for any new build or office redevelopment.

UPS Installation – UPS Power Systems which do I require?

You can choose which make of UPS power supply that you may personally prefer or that company policy dictates, together with remote control management systems. PowerContinuity systems use UPS’s from all the leading  manufacturers, so you can choose the UPS power most suits your  IT Comms environment requirements.

UPS Installation – Experience

PowerContinuity systems engineers have over 25 years of complete UPS installation experience, siting  UPS Installation systems in basements, in purpose build containers, in restricted areas, and even in remote dedicated sites

UPS Installation – What about UPS Maintenance?

We not only train your own personnel in the basic operation of your newly installed automatic UPS Installation power protection system, we also cover the whole system with our 24-7 UPS maintenance and emergency call out team.

You have your own UPS installation requirements

This is never an issue, PowerContinuity Systems work with any make or company to arrive at the finished system that meets your personal requirements.

UPS Installation –  Which UPS to choose and Why?

Power Continuity systems always suggest using leading UPS manufacturers to protect your critical systems, rather than company badged UPS supplies. In the long run it is better to know who made your UPS and which company manufactured the UPS system, giving confidence that spares will be available in the future and that your business is well protected by a UPS that is already being used by similar companies.

Comms Room Installation also requires:-

Generator Installation –  Design & Build

Power Continuity systems design & Build bespoke diesel generator systems.
Fully automatic , that operate 24/7.
Remote monitoring and refuelling are part of our services

Installation –  Before you make a commitment
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