Data Centre Refurbishment And Upgrades 

Data centre refurbishment and upgrades at first glance might sound reasonably straightforward.

Consideration of various options and permutations, along with the individual needs of each company. Data centre design is not as simple as it might seem.

Data centre refurbishment and upgrades

What are the factors that Power Continuity considers? Here is your check list:-

  • Optimising the layout , hence making the best use of the existing space if upgrading an existing building or expanding an existing site).
  • Load-bearing capacity of floors – increasing floor space in the Data Centre.
  • Planning and building regulations.
  • Allowance for possible future expansion, at both ground level and above
  • Disaster Prevention– Flooding and other weather-related disasters.
  • Installing or upgrading dual GRID supplies
  • Upgrading transformers
  • Upgrading LV panels and breakers
  • Building security enhancements
  • Data storage requirements for the new IT equipment – New Aisles
  • Cooling systems upgrades
  • Fire Suppression upgrades
  • Upgrading the Mechanical services boards
  • Availability of a reliable power supply : at least GRID power from two separate rings
  • Installation of fast switching Static Switches between the A & B feeds
  • Local internet connectivity, fibre & cloud
  • Emergency standby power – Upgrading UPS systems & Generators
  • Resilience – at least N+1 as the minimum. N+3 is preferred true Power Continuity
  • Building condition – Roof upgrades to avoid leaks etc.
  • Time frame – allowing for shutdowns
  • Upgrade monitoring and maintenance requirement with Power Continuity 24/7.
  • Governance – Power Continuity takes the ownership of the Hardware
  • Servers – ensure that every server has a minimum of 20mS holdup time
  • Power Continuity can handle all of the above and still keep your Data Centre LIVE

Design and planning process

Firstly, it’s priority to inform Power Continuity at the beginning of this journey, together of your preferred requirements. Compare actual budget allowance.

If you go through the above checklist this will allow Power Continuity to have a clear focus throughout the design and build process creating the upgraded data centre that meets your company’s needs for the future. On the other hand, ignoring or making cost cutting decisions in these areas can result massive issues down stream. Consequently down time & data loss will invariably be hugely expensive. Lost clients, lost time and lost profit.

Power Continuity design and planning teams, can help you to avoid problems later on during the building process and throughout ongoing future use of your refurbished data centre. Power Continuity engineers are hands on, fully trained and ready to help you.

Don’t put off your Data centre refurbishment and upgrades works until it is too late.

Act early, before obsolesce bites!

If you have limited space for a data centre build, then you may wish to consider the possibility of having a ready-made modular containerised data centre delivered to your site. This may also be a good option if you are working within a very tight time frame.

Contact PowerContinuity Systems via Live Chat or on 0845 055 8455, and we will be happy to discuss Data Centre upgrades or positioning our  Mobile Data Centres at your site.


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