Deep Sea Controller – How To Isolate A Generator

How to turn the generator OFF and NON operational –

(How to isolate generator)

To place into manual mode

Press the hand button:

 on the control panel.

Then press the red stop button:

on the control panel The display will say “genset at rest” in manual mode.

And then go round to the mains MCCB on the other side of generator and turn the mains MCCB….. OFF

This will prevent the generator from starting Generator will not start in this mode

To place in back into auto standby operation mode

Turn ON main MCCB on the Generator

Then press the hand button on the control panel Then press the auto button on the control panel

The display will show generator at rest’ in auto standby operation mode

The generator is now back once more in auto standby mode and will start in the event of power loss


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How to isolate a generator

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