How to Operate a Diesel Generators Deep Sea Controller?

How to Operate a Deep Sea ControllerPlease follow the steps on How to Operate a Deep Sea Controller – Manual Operation

  1. Select manual mode.
  2. Press the Start push-button to crank the engine, the engine will start and run off-line.
  3. When the ‘Generator Available’ LED is on (after a delay to allow the oil pressure to rise) the generator can be manually switched on-line.
    Pressing the manual mode, close generator push-button.
    Only carry out this operation in emergency situations, where the generator has failed to start during a utility mains failure.
  4. Pressing the Stop push-button will stop the generator immediately.
  5. Pressing the Auto push-button will start the auto shutdown sequence.

After manual operation

When the engine has stopped, ensure that the generator is returned to automatic operation, by operating the Auto push-button, and that the heater switch is in the ‘ON’ position.

How to Operate a Deep Sea Controller – Basic User information PDF

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