Diesel generator cranks but won’t start

Diesel generator cranks but won’t start.
Try again and it still cranks strongly but won’t start.

Check the following:-
Is the engine warm to the touch? If the answer is YES , then the block heater is working.
Is the exhaust not blocked? If NO blockage, then this is fine
Air filters not blocked with dirt or debris? If they are clean then it’s NOT the air filters.
Do you have fuel in the tank? If YES, and the Diesel Generator cranks but won’t start?
Then the most likely issue is lack of fuel to the engine.

Most Obvious easy fix-

  1. Lack of fuel is the most likely cause because some air is in the fuel line. This causes the fuel to drop back and not enter the engine.
    Our video clip shows how to bleed the fuel in a modern diesel generator.
    If your generator doesn’t have this feature ,then bleeding the fuel to the diesel engine by turning the primary bleed screw.
    Check your generator manual for its location. Then gently turn the screw to allow the air to escape and then re-tighten once fuel begins to appear at the screw.
  2. Blocked fuel filters- lack of servicing and not renewing the fuel filters over time will cause them to become inefficient and finally block with dirt. Replace the fuel filters.
  3. Fuel pump failure- It can happen but it’s rare.
  4. If all the above have been checked out, and operational, then the last resort will be a faulty solenoid. A faulty solenoid,won’t allow the injection pump to push fuel through the lines to the injectors.
    Replace the solenoid.

Mostly likely fix

Of the 4 possibilities we have listed here, the most frequent fix ,
9 out of 10 times, is to simply bleed the fuel pump.
If you’re uncertain of any of these points call your local dealer first before proceeding and ask a generator engineer to come to site

Check out our ‘how to bleed a fuel pump’ video below:-


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