Diesel Generator Fuel Injectors – Problems?

Diesel generator fuel injectors need two vital ingredients – clean diesel fuel and oxygen – supplied without interruption to the engine in the correct ratio. Fuel injectors play a fundamental role in this process, receiving diesel from the fuel injection pump, then atomising the diesel fuel into a fine mist to enable the engine to function cleanly and efficiently. There are, however, a number of potential issues that can disrupt the optimal performance of the injectors. These include:


If injectors are leaking, you may notice:

  • a strong smell of diesel in the vicinity of the generator
  • the generator is difficult to start
  • fuel consumption suddenly increases
  • fire!

Solution- Any of the above can occur with Diesel generator fuel injectors ,especially when an injector cracks or O-ring seals become hard and brittle with age.
This is therefore a serious issue that needs to be addressed urgently to prevent the above problems.

Multiple issues occur especially with Aging Injectors

  • Get your local engineer to use Thermal Imaging to identify any inject cracks.
  • Replace the O-rings

Generator hunting or struggling when running- What’s the problem?

The fuel atomising spray is disrupted by a gradual accumulation of deposits within the injector tips. These deposits may include a build-up of burnt fuel or fuel additive residue left in the injectors each time the generator is shut down, along with rust particles that have travelled through the system to the injectors. These obstructions will either disrupt the spray or, if left unchecked, block the injector completely, preventing fuel from getting into the engine.

Check for:

  • Engine misfiring on start up ( audible issue you’ll hear this)
  • the generator is difficult to start
  • White smoke
  • Dirty fuel or diluted fuel ( cheap diesel from a non registered supplier)

Solution –Take out the injectors and thoroughly clean them before replacing them in the engine

Injector Failure

Elements within the injector will wear or generally fail over time, leading to various problems. These may include a valve that won’t close and therefore leaks fuel, or a valve that won’t open and therefore won’t supply fuel to the engine.

Solution –Take out the injectors and thoroughly clean them before replacing them in the engine

And if that doesn’t improve the performance of the engine you’ll require brand NEW Injectors

Regular servicing regime-If the above issues are not addressed through regular preventative maintenance, then the generator’s performance and efficiency will be reduced. Power Continuity Systems offer a complete service and maintenance package with each generator installation that will ensure that the fuel injectors are kept in good working order.

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