Diesel Generator Fuel Injectors – Servicing

Diesel Generator Fuel Injector Servicing is often overlooked. Due to the time and effort required to remove, examine and maintain the fuel injectors in a diesel generator. It’s all too easy to overlook these vital components when carrying out a service.

Generator Fuel Injectors Servicing is an essential part of generator maintenance. Noticing the problem early can help to prevent issues later on, increasing the efficiency and reliability of the generator.  Rather than through the expensive process of replacing the injectors. Remember at all times prevention is batter than cure. Act NOW avoid problems later

Why Service the Injectors?

Issues can be avoided or solved by means of a regular generator servicing programme.

Avoiding the following issues:

  • Generator starting issues and decreased fuel efficiency, often caused by leaking injectors.
  • Decrease in generator efficiency and performance caused by clogged injectors that don’t provide the correct quantity of fuel and an efficient spray pattern.
  • Numerous other problems caused by injector component failure.
  • Failure to start
  • Generator hunting when on load


The injectors can be disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned by your service engineer.  A visual check for the correct fuel spray pattern can also be made whilst the injectors are uninstalled.

Your installer or generator supplier will normally offer a preventative service and maintenance programme as part of the generator purchase, but check to ensure that the fuel injection system is covered by this.

We can help you –

Power Continuity engineers are fully trained, experienced in the removal, cleaning and servicing of fuel injectors. They can also provide fuel additives that will help to clean the injectors on an ongoing basis, preventing the further build-up of deposits within the injectors.

Because the injectors play a vital role play in supplying fuel to the engine, ensure the fuel injection system, is serviced regularly by qualified engineers as part of a preventative maintenance contract.

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