Diesel Generators – Fuel Tank Considerations

When considering the installation of a Diesel Generator Fuel Tank here are some useful pointers.

Whether an integrated tank within the base of the generator, or a separate bulk fuel tank.

Check out the Environment Agency and DEFRA guidance.

  • Prior to install choose a location to protect the Fuel tank from damage caused by impact. Install barriers or bollards around the tank.
  • In the UK Integral tanks to generators are always bunded. The bund must hold 110% of the capacity of the container.  For older single skinned tanks, these need to be within a masonry or concrete bund (again with 110% capacity of the container)
  • If you can not see the vent pipe of a fixed tank,  you must fit an automatic overfill prevention device to the Diesel Generator fuel tank. This generally cuts off the flow of oil to the tank when it’s full.


Diesel Generator Fuel Tank

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