Diesel Generator Low Oil Pressure Symptoms

Is your diesel generator showing symptoms of low oil pressure?

A fall in your diesel generator’s oil pressure can lead to serious damage if not detected and resolved quickly.

As a result, these symptoms can be detected by your service engineer while performing a regular maintenance visit.

Regular intermediate checks by site personnel can greatly reduce the possibility of costly repair bills.

Indications that your generator has low oil pressure:

  • Warning light on the generator or warning message on the controller display panel.
  • Low reading on the oil pressure gauge.
  • Physical check by means of the dipstick. (First of all, when the engine is cool, remove the dipstick. Then clean off any excess oil and reinsert for approximately one second and remove again. The top of the oil film at the end of the stick should lie somewhere between the two indication marks if the oil level is correct.)
  • Burning smell caused by leaking oil landing on to a hot section of the engine body.
  • Visible oil leak.
  • Increased engine noise. (due to non-lubrication of moving parts- moving parts rub against each other and generate excessive heat.)
  • Reduced efficiency. The loss of lubrication means that the engine has to work much harder than normal and therefore uses more fuel.

Do not ignore low oil pressure symptoms. As soon as you notice any of the above symptoms then take immediate steps to investigate the cause of the problem and arrange for it to be remedied. Regular checks to look for any of these signs could save you a lot of time and money if a low oil pressure issue if symptoms are detected early on.

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