Diesel Generator Low Oil Pressure – What Damage Can It Cause?

Oil is one of the cheapest components of a generator – but also one of the most important. It is the lifeblood of the engine, cooling and lubricating the internal moving components and keeping everything running smoothly.

When the quantity of oil in the system decreases below the recommended level, your generator should initially display a low-pressure warning. You may also notice that the engine has become noisier and less efficient. But if the oil pressure drops severely and the generator is allowed to keep running, then your engine will suffer severe damage that will almost certainly leave you with an expensive repair bill.

To highlight the seriousness of this, let’s consider some of the ways that low oil pressure can damage your generator.

  • Worn components:Without the lubricating effect of the oil the internal parts will not move together smoothly, and this increased friction will cause them to wear much more quickly than normal. These will cost you in both time and money to replace, with repair bills running into many thousands of pounds.
  • Overheating:The increase in friction caused by a lack of oil will naturally generate heat. Overheating can cause components to fail quickly, and suddenly your company’s power protection is gone.
  • Others???

In view of these potentially severe consequences of low oil pressure, the need to regularly check your generator’s oil level is very clear. Don’t wait for your service engineer’s next visit – ensure that an oil level check is part of your weekly generator inspection routine.

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