Diesel Generator Won’t Start

Your diesel generator won’t start; you need to check these FIRST.

Check first the emergency STOP is not pushed in. This is the most common cause of the generator NOT starting. Release the emergency stop button by twisting it outwards to
release. You can then feel the spring when you try to press it. Now try to start your generator and this time it should start up

If it still won’t start then take these Next steps:

  • Is there fuel in the tank?
  • Is fuel visible in the fuel filter glass?
  • Is the fuel line cracked, constrained, bent or ruptured?
  • Any fuel leaks?
  • Can you see fuel around the base of the generator?
  • Check Fuel pump is pumping fuel through the generator?
  • Is there engine oil in the engine?
  • Is there any coolant in the engine?
  • Is there any coolant in the radiator?
  • Is the control panel isn’t working – are there any loose connections (check the wiring inside the panel when safe to do so)
  • Check the batteries?
  • Are they corroded?
  • Are they connected ?
  • Is there water inside the lead acid batteries?
  • Is the silencer blocked?

After checking all of the above then ask – when was the last time this generator was started?

If all of the above appear normal and the generator will still not start then call a local generator engineer to investigate the issue.

A generator will only have issues with starting if it has not been regularly serviced according to the manufactures specifications or the weather conditions have been ignored to the detriment of the generator.

Get it serviced – Call Power Continuity for Diesel Generator Servicing on 0845 055 8455

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