Diesel Generators Leaking Coolant Seals

Leaking coolant seals on Diesel generators is a common occurrence. Caused by either loose components, deteriorated seals, and incorrectly fitted components.  Jubilee clips can work loose or rust deteriorates them to loose grip.

Certainly, to avoid leaking coolant seals, weekly service checks are vital along with a regular maintenance regime.

Components can work loose through vibration caused by a running generator, or using non-genuine seals.

Seals steadily deteriorate through age. Therefore, to prolong the life of the coolant seal, avoid running at extremely high temperature for long periods.

Visually check for signs of wear or build up of residue around the seals.

Check under the generator and trace back any water leak to find the source of the leak.

Ensure the seals are tight and have not been trapped. Finally, if in doubt replace the generator coolant seals.


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